The Calusa Herpetological Society

  Of Southwest Florida


 2016 Calendar

January 2016

1/7/16   General Meeting January Program Curt Harbsmeier 

Crocodilians and the Law:  a Discussion of International, National, State and Local Laws and Regulations Regarding Crocodilians                                            

Herp of the month:  Mangrove saltmarsh snake (Nerodia clarkii compressicauda)

(Florida Species)

1/28/16  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday) 


February 2016

2/4/16 General Meeting   February Program-  Daniel Parker

 The Road and the Forest - The wildlife of a historic natural area in Central Florida and the road that divides it.

Herp of the month:  Mole Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster)

(Florida Species)

2/6/16 World Wetlands Day at Corkscrew Sanctuary  We are participating with native herps.

2/25/16  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)  


March 2016

3/3/16   March Program-  Carl Franklin

Custodian of Eden or Preposterous Pipedream?

Herp of the month:  Oak Toad (Anaxyrus quercicus)

(Florida Species)

3/6/16 Special Event - Viewing of "The Venom Interviews" at 5:00 p.m. at the Calusa Nature Center, Iona House 

3/19/16 Creepy Crawlie Day at the Calusa Nature Center from 11-4, come on down and display your animals for the public.

3/24/16  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday) 


April 2016

4/7/16  General Meeting April Program- John Herman

Movement Ecology and Natural History of Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake) on Florida Gulf Coast University’s campus (preliminary results)

Herp of the Month:   Greater Siren (Siren lacertina)

(Florida Species)

4/28/16  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


May 2016

5/5/16  General Meeting May Program- Christopher Gillette

Aquatic Photography in Natural Florida Habitats

Herp of the Month:  

(Florida species) 

5/26/16  Board Meeting   


June 2016

6/2/16  General Meeting June Program Eric Russell

Two Weeks of Herping in Sri Lanka

Herp of the Month:  Alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii)

(Florida Species)

6/23/16  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


July 2016

7/7/16  General Meeting July Program-   

Herp of the Month:   

(Florida Species)

7/28/16  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


August 2016

8/4/16  General Meeting August Program      

Herp of the Month:   

(Florida Species)

8/28/16  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


September 2016

9/1/16  General Meeting September Program-

Herp of the Month:  

9/22/16  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


October 2016

10/6/16  General Meeting October Program-  Marc Cantos

 Herp of the Month: 

10/27/16  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


November 2016

11/3/16  General Meeting November Program-

 Herp of the Month: 

  Calusa Herpetological Society Reptile Expo

11/17/16  Board Meeting (3rd Thursday due to Thankgiving)


December 2016

12/1/16  General Meeting is the Annual Christmas Part 


12/22/16  Board Meeting  (3rd Thursday)


January 2017

1/5/17  General Meeting January Program-  Curt Harbsmeier


1/26/17  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2017

2/2/17  General Meeting February Program-  Daniel Parker


2/23/17  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)



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