The Calusa Herpetological Society
Of Southwest Florida

Thursday, April 4, 20197:00 pm


SPEAKER & TOPIC: Tonight's speaker is Phil Nicodemo.  His talk is titled: Snakes: Understanding Form and Function.  Although a limbless body form has evolved multiple times independently among animals, snakes are particularly notable because they have been able to successfully occupy diverse ecologically roles. For example, snakes have exploited subterranean, aquatic, arboreal, and terrestrial environments repeatedly, suggesting great functional capabilities. One might assume that all snakes have a similar anatomical arrangement based on a shared body plan (i.e., limblessness), however snakes demonstrate considerable variation in their anatomy (i.e., muscles, nerves, organs) that often correlates with function. During this presentation, we will explore snake anatomy using a few selected behaviors to highlight the relationship between form and function in these spectacular animals.


See you there!

WHO'S INVITED ? You are! Anyone with an interest in any aspect of herpetology or herpetoculture is welcome to attend, learn, and exchange their experiences with our friendly membership. Come out to meet others who keep, breed or study reptiles and amphibians, and let them share their fascination with you. We average 15 35 people attending every meeting.

Cookies and cold soda, a nightly raffle of live herps, herp products, and books follow each speaker's talk, and lots of herp camaraderie, gossip, and fun can be counted upon at all meetings !

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