The Calusa Herpetological Society

  Of Southwest Florida


 2024 Calendar

You must be an active member of the herp society to attend meetings or there is a $5.00 per person charge for non-members per meeting.

January 2024

1/4/24  General Meeting January Program-    Marc Cantos

Pritchard's Pond and Other Turtle Adventures

1/25/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2024

2/1/24 General Meeting  February Program-    Jim Cox

 Hognose Snakes - Care, Caging, Morphs, and Breeding

2/22/24  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)  


March 2024

3/7/24 General Meeting  March Program-   Whitney Hummel

 Amphibians & Reptiles of the Lake Wales Ridge

3/28/24  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday) 


April 2024

4/4/24  General Meeting April Program-  Kamp Kenan

Kamp Kenan Lecture

4/25/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


May 2024

5/2/24  General Meeting May Program-     Matt Baronak

Keeping and Breeding Leopard Geckos

5/23/24  Board Meeting   


June 2024

6/6/24 General Meeting June Program-   Roger Young (Executive Director of FWC)


6/27/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


July 2024

7/4/24  General Meeting July Program-               4th of July - No Meeting


7/25/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


August 2024

8/1/24  General Meeting August Program-   


8/22/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


September 2024

9/5/24  General Meeting September Program-    


9/26/24 Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


October 2024

10/3/24  General Meeting October Program-   


10/24/24 Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


November 2024

11/7/24  General Meeting  November Program-   


11/28/24  Board Meeting  


December 2024

12/?/24  General Meeting is the Annual Christmas Part 


12/26/24  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)


January 2025

1/2/24 General Meeting January Program-    


1/23/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2025

2/6/24  General Meeting February Program-    


2/72/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)



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