The Calusa Herpetological Society

  Of Southwest Florida


 2023 Calendar

You must be an active member of the herp society to attend meetings or there is a $5.00 per person charge for non-members per meeting.

January 2023

1/5/23  General Meeting January Program-    Jim and Penny Cox

Discussion on Herpetoculture Techniques and Experiences Part II

1/26/23  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2023

2/2/23 General Meeting  February Program-      Chris Lechowicz

 Recovery of Sanibel Wildlife Post-Ian (highlighting amphibian and reptiles)

2/22/23  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)  


March 2023

3/16/23 General Meeting  March Program-   Bill & Kathy Love

 A Trip Down Memory Lane in Southwest Florida

3/23/23  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday) 


April 2023

4/6/23  General Meeting April Program-   Ty Park

The Building of Iguanaland

4/27/23  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


May 2023

5/3/23  General Meeting May Program-     Penny Cox

Bioactive for Dummies

5/25/23  Board Meeting   


June 2023

6/1/23 General Meeting June Program-   Kalib Hoopingarner

A Day in the Life of Maintaining a Reptile Sanctuary

6/22/23  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


July 2023

7/6/23  General Meeting July Program-         Rick Bauer          

Spatial Ecology of the American Alligator on a Developed Barrier Island in Georgia

7/27/23  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


August 2023

8/3/23  General Meeting August Program-  Show and Tell

Show and Tell Meeting

8/24/23  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


September 2023

9/7/23  General Meeting September Program-    Midwest Dragons

How to Keep and Breed Bearded Dragons 

9/28/23 Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


October 2023

10/5/23  General Meeting October Program-    Constance Darrisaw

Tips and Experiences Keeping Herps and Invertebrates

10/26/23 Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


November 2023

11/2/23  General Meeting  November Program-   Curt Harbsmeier

 Ecology of the Gharial

11/23/23  Board Meeting  


December 2023

12/15/23  General Meeting is the Annual Christmas Part 

                          Pot Luck, please bring a side! This is on a Friday night at 6:00 p.m. at Elaine's House


12/28/23  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)


January 2024

1/4/24 General Meeting January Program-    


1/25/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2024

2/1/24  General Meeting February Program-    


2/22/24  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)



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