The Calusa Herpetological Society

  Of Southwest Florida


 2019 Calendar

January 2019

1/3/19  General Meeting January Program-  Curt Harbsmeier

Herp Law Presentation and Discussion

1/24/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2019

2/7/19 General Meeting   February Program-    Riley Campbell

 An Overview of the Salamanders of Humboldt County, California

2/28/19  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)  


March 2019

3/7/19 General Meeting  March Program-  Jordan Gray (of the Turtle Survival Alliance, TSA)

 Turtle Survival Alliance: Transforming Passion for Turtles Into Effective Conservation Action

3/28/19  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday) 


April 2019

4/4/19  General Meeting April Program-   Phil Nicodemo

Snakes: Understanding Form and Function

4/25/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


May 2019

5/2/19  General Meeting May Program-   Daniel Parker

 Field Herping Adventures on Florida's Nature Coast

5/23/19  Board Meeting   


June 2019

6/6/19 General Meeting June Program-    Wayne Hill

 Care and Captive Reproduction of Aubry's Softshell Turtle (Cycloderma aubryi)

6/27/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


July 2019

7/4/19  General Meeting July Program-     No Meeting - 4th of July



7/25/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


August 2019

8/1/19  General Meeting August Program-    Brett Bartek

  Radio Telemetry of Perentie Monitors (Varanus giganteus) in Australia 

8/22/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


September 2019

9/5/19  General Meeting September Program-     Show & Tell

 Annual Show & Tell Meeting (bring in your favorite pet herps and tell us about them)

9/26/19 Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


October 2019

10/3/19  General Meeting October Program-    Mike Mills

Radio Telemetry of the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) in Thailand 

10/25/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


November 2019

11/7/19  General Meeting November Program-    Marc Cantos

 Five secrets for Raising and Breeding Turtles and Tortoises

11/28/19  Board Meeting  (5th Thursday due to Thanksgiving)


December 2019

12/5/19  General Meeting is the Annual Christmas Part 

                          Pot Luck, please bring a side!


12/26/19  Board Meeting  (4th Thursday)


January 2020

1/2/20  General Meeting January Program-  



1/23/20  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)


February 2019

2/6/19  General Meeting February Program-  Daniel Parker


2/27/19  Board Meeting (4th Thursday)



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