The Calusa Herpetological Society
Of Southwest Florida

Thursday, August 2, 20187:00 pm


SPEAKER & TOPIC :  Tonight's speaker is William (Wild Bill) R. Cox, a local renown professional ecologist and wildlife photographer. Bill has decades of experience and will take us through his adventures via his presentation "Nature and Landscape Photography". take it from Bill himself:

  "I have a never-ending quest to encourage, inspire and educate people about nature and photography. I have been a preofessional wildlife photographer and ecologist for over 40 years. I am a naturalist first and then a photographer. To be a nature photographer I believe you must have an intimate knowledge and respect for your subjects. I retired as a senior ecologist from Passarella and Associates, Inc. (PAI) but subcontract with PAI as a senior ecologist. I also author articles for Nature's Notebook in Times of the Islands, Bonita Estero, Cape Coral Living, RSW Living, and Gulf and Main magazines. I also write flora and fauna articles for Florida Country Magazine. I provide photography and wildlife tracking classes for small groups in Florida.  

  This presentation is about taking pictures with Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. We will discuss taking pictures of wildlife, landscapes and habitat. We will cover the mechanics of a DSLR camera and the technical choices you can make so that you control your outcome of your images (amazing vs, average images). We will discuss lenses, flash, light exposure, shutter speeds, f-stops, ISO settings, tripods, etc. The advanatages and disadvantages of shooting images in RAW vs JPEG will also be discussed. YOu can see my full BIO on my website at I post 1-3 images per week on my professional Facebook and you can reach it by typing William R. Cox Photography. My Facebook site and website is for selling my images, but most importantly educating followers about nature and photography. By working as an outdoor photographer you see first hand the wonders of nature and many times have those WOW moments that make you happier and healthier person. Hopefully, this presentation will provide information for you to take awesome amphibian and reptile images as well as other things.


As always, we go to dinner at Ale House (On Colonial Blvd) after the meeting so come on down and join the conversation at the meeting at the Ale House.


WHO'S INVITED ? You are! Anyone with an interest in any aspect of herpetology or herpetoculture is welcome to attend, learn, and exchange their experiences with our friendly membership. Come out to meet others who keep, breed or study reptiles and amphibians, and let them share their fascination with you. We average 35 70 people attending every meeting.



Cookies and cold soda, a nightly raffle of live herps, herp products, and books follow each speaker's talk, and lots of herp camaraderie, gossip, and fun can be counted upon at all meetings !

For more info , call (239) 728-2390 or (239) 481-3525 or  EMAIL:   

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