The Calusa Herpetological Society
Of Southwest Florida

Thursday, May 2, 20137:00 pm


SPEAKER & TOPIC: Tonight's speakers are Paul Andreadis from Denison University and Ian Bartoszek from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida . The title of their talk is "Interesting immigrant or proliferating problem? Burmese Pythons in Southwest Florida"

       Snakes fascinate us all. Love them or hate them, humans simply can't ignore them. And when that snake is a giant, exotic species, the topic is virally familiar and explosively contentious. Because of their establishment in South Florida, Burmese Pythons (BP) may now be the most famous snakes of all time. To the media, BP represent a coveted topic that is sure to pull in readers. To commercial breeders, BP are (well ... were) an object of devoted husbandry and source of income. To exotic pet owners, BP are (well ... were?) beautiful and beloved family pets. To many Florida residents, BP and all snakes are objects of phobias and ignorant malice. To Florida conservationists and government agencies, BP are troubling invaders that permanently change natural ecosystems and threaten native species. To Asian conservationists, BP are an over-exploited species on Appendix II of CITES that needs stronger protection. So who's right? In order to start a more productive dialog, Ian and Paul will talk about their work to study BP in and remove them from the wilds of SW FL. In the discussion that follows, Ian and Paul hope to identify points that we all agree on, points that we agree to disagree on, and talk about how we move forward.

See you there!

HO'S INVITED ? You are! Anyone with an interest in any aspect of herpetology or herpetoculture is welcome to attend, learn, and exchange their experiences with our friendly membership. Come out to meet others who keep, breed or study reptiles and amphibians, and let them share their fascination with you. We average 35 70 people attending every meeting.

Cookies and cold soda, a nightly raffle of live herps, herp products, and books follow each speaker's talk, and lots of herp camaraderie, gossip, and fun can be counted upon at all meetings !

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