The Calusa Herpetological Society
Of Southwest Florida

Thursday, October 3, 20197:00 pm


SPEAKER & TOPIC This month's speaker is Mike Mills. He is a wildlife biology technician in the Wildlife & Habitat Management Program at the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF). Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, he graduated with a Wildlife Biology degree from Southeast Missouri State University. Since graduation, he has traveled around the world working various wildlife related jobs with a number of species. One of these jobs required using radio-telemetry tracking King Cobras in the jungles of Thailand. He worked and lived in Thailand for 6 months tracking and studying these magnificent animals and would like to share his experience with you!  

    Come learn about the behavior and ecology of the world’s largest venomous snake! Also included in the presentation will be information on radio-telemetry, how it is used in wildlife studies around the world and how it was specifically used in this study. He will also share information about the habitats of Thailand and the culture in general. Hope to see you all there!

Title: Radio Telemetry of the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) in Thailand  

Don't forget that after the meeting we will be going to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (just south of Colonial on Six-Mile Cypress/Ortiz in front of Lowes) to continue the herp conversations.

WHO'S INVITED ? You are! Anyone with an interest in any aspect of herpetology or herpetoculture is welcome to attend, learn, and exchange their experiences with our friendly membership. Come out to meet others who keep, breed or study reptiles and amphibians, and let them share their fascination with you. We average 12 – 30 people attending every meeting.

 For more info , call (239) 297-5923 or EMAIL:   

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