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The Miami Serpentarium Tour 

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Bill had a firm but gentle grip.

The hand is faster than eye!

Or maybe not... 

Phew... Nope just a close call


Nancy was there to help shed the Cobra of its skin.

On to the milking.


The ever snappy Monocle Cobra.

The African Gaboon Viper gave everyone a thrill. 


This was the only snake Bill used a hook on. I think you can see why.

 Look at those fangs...                          Beauty aye? Enough Steve!

Nancy was outside helping the society understand the operation the entire time except when the Egyptian Cobra was being milked. 
Nancy explained how milking the venom and introducing it to horses and extracting the anti-bodies created Antivenin.
Bill also experimented with Cobra Venom as a cure for polio. 
The Lab is spotless and had no smell of reptiles like most reptile stores do.


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