The Calusa Herpetological Society
Of Southwest Florida

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6/6/24  Colonel Roger Young (Executive Director of FWC)...

5/2/24  Matt Baronek...Keeping and Breeding Leopard Geckos

4/4/24  Kamp Kenan...Kamp Kenan Talk

3/7/24  Whitney Hummel...Ampibians and Reptiles of the Lake Wales Ridge

2/1/24  Jim Cox...Hognose Snakes: Care, Caging, Morphs and Breeding

1/4/24  Marc Cantos...Pritchard's Pond and Other Turtle Adventures

12/15/23 Annual Christmas Party Click Here

11/2/23 Curt Harbsmeier...Conservation, Crocfest and the Ecology of the Indian Gharial

10/5/23 Constance Darrisaw...Tips and Experiences Keeping Herps and Invertebrates

9/7/23 Midwest Dragons...How to Keep and Breed Bearded Dragons

8/3/23 Show and Tell Meeting

7/6/23 Rick Bauer...Spatial Ecology of the American Alligator on a Developed Barrier Island in Georgia

6/1/23 Kalib Hoopingarner...A Day in the Life of Maintaining a Reptile Sanctuary

5/2/23 Penny Cox...Bioactive for Dummies

4/6/23 Ty Park...The Building of Iguanaland

3/16/23 Bill and Kathy Love...A Trip Down Memory Lane in Southwest Florida

2/2/23 Chris Lechowicz...Recovery of Sanibel Wildlife Post-Ian (highlighting amphibians and reptiles)

1/5/23 Discussion: Led by Jim and Penny Cox...Discussion on Herpetoculture Techniques and Experiences Part II

12/3/22 Annual Christmas Party Click Here

11/3/22 Discussion: Led by Jim and Penny Cox...Discussion on Herpetoculture Techniques and Experiences

10/6/22 Canceled due to Hurricane Ian

9/1/22  Chris Lechowicz...Update on the SCCF Pine Island Sound Eastern Indigo Snake Project

8/4/22  Chris Nettles...Getting into the Herp Business and the Value of Supporting USARK FL

7/7/22  Brett Bartek....Madagascar/Radiated Tortoise Release

6/2/22  Daniel Parker....A Proposal for the Captive-breeding of Diamondback Terrapins (Malacelmys terrapin) in Florida

5/5/22  Show and Tell Meeting  

4/7/22 Ben Greishaw....Artistry and My Love for Reptiles and Amphibians

3/3/22 Bill Murray....Red-footed Tortoises: Captive Care and Propagation

2/3/22 Chris Lechowicz....Nesting  Habitat Discovery in Diamondback Terrapins using Satellite Telemetry

1/6/21 Riley Campbell....Under the Canopy: Searching for Salamanders

12/2/21 Annual Christmas Party Click Here

11/4/21 Eric Russell....Advancing Herpetoculture - Rare and Underrated Species

10/7/21 Show and Tell Meeting  

9/2/21 Paula Treu....What You Can Do to Help Wildlife Conservation.

8/5/21 Dakota Nivens....Live Animal Presentation on the Blue-tongued Skinks of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (Tiliqua gigas ssp.)

7/1/21 Wayne Hill...Husbandry and Propagation of the Zambezi Flapshell Turtle (Cycloderma frenatum).

6/3/21 OUR FIRST FACE-TO-FACE Meet-and- GREET/SHOW & TELL MEETING at the Iona House 

5/6/21 Joel Gales...Kankakee County, Ilinois Bullsnakes  Zoom meeting, see meeting description, link.

4/1/21 Joel Gale-- Rescheduled.

3/4/21  Show & Tell Meeting (Special Meeting)

2/4/21 Chris Lechowicz...The World Turtle Crisis  Zoom meeting, see meeting description, link.

1/7/21 Daniel Parker...Proposed regulations to keeping and breeding herps in Florida.  Zoom meeting, see meeting description.

12/5/20 No meeting because of the holidays.

11/5/20 Glenn Bartolotti..Florida Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus) research in North Florida.  Zoom meeting, see meeting description.

10/1/20 Michael Thathuvuswamy...Keeping and Breeding Reeve's Turtles (Mauremys reevesii).  Zoom meeting, see meeting description.

9/3/20 Jordan Donini...Trapping, tagging, and tracking turtles in peninsula Florida. The Southwest Florida Turtle Project.  Zoom meeting, see meeting description.

8/6/20 Dan Quinn...Tegu and Nile Monitor Management in SW Florida.  Zoom meeting, see meeting description.

7/2/20 No meeting due to Covid-19

6/4/20 No meeting due to Covid-19

5/7/20 No meeting due to Covid-19

4/2/20 No meeting due to Covid-19

3/5/20 Brett Bartek...Cane Toads in the Kimberly

2/6/20 Daniel Parker...The Tiny Turtles - Field Observations and Captive Maintenance of Mud and Musk Turtles

1/2/20 Riley Campbell...Field Herping and Range Extensions

12/5/19 Annual Christmas Party 

11/7/19 Marc Cantos...What's new at the Turtle Source?

10/3/19 Mike Mills...Radio Telemetry of the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) in Thailand   

9/5/19  Show & Tell Meeting (Special Meeting)

8/1/19 Brett Bartek...Radio Telemetry of Perentie Monitors (Varanus giganteus) in Australia   

7/4/19   4th of July - No Meeting

6/6/19 Wayne Hill...Care and Captive Reproduction of Aubrey's Softshell Turtle (Cycloderma aubryi)

5/2/19 Daniel Parker...Field Herping Adventures on Florida's Nature Coast

4/4/19 Phil Nicodemo....Snakes: Form and Function 

3/7/19 Jordan Gray...The Turtle Surival Alliance: Transforming Passion for Turtles into Effective Conservation Action 

2/7/19 Riley Campbell....Salamanders of Humboldt County, California 

1/3/19 Curt Harbsmeier and Marc Cantos....Herps and the Law Discussion 

12/6/18 Annual Christmas Party 

11/1/18 Joe Wasilewski...Galapagos Islands Fauna (Speaker)

10/4/18 Ralph Till...Husbandry and Breeding Tips for the Egyptian Tortoise.  (Speaker)

9/6/18 Jordan Jones...I guana Love You - the Importance of Herp Socialization.  (Speaker)

8/2/18 Bill Cox...Nature and Landscape Photography (Speaker)

7/5/18 Eric Russell...Advancing Herpetoloculture - Rare and Underrated Species  (Speaker)

6/7/18 Movie Night: Minutes to Die  (Movie Night)

5/3/18 Dr. Sean Doody...The Thorny Devil made me do it:20 years in the Australian tropics (1996 - 2015)  (Speaker)

4/5/18 George Heinrich...The Big Turtle Year (Speaker)

3/1/18 Chris Lechowicz...Cane Toad (Rhinella marina) Discovery and Dispersal on Sanibel Island, FL  (Speaker)

2/1/18 Daniel Parker..Field Herp adventures in South Florida (Speaker)

1/4/18 Curt Harbsmeier... Cuban Crocodiles (Speaker)

12/7/17 Annual Christmas Party 

11/2/17 Joe Wasilewski...REDD+ Start in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (Speaker)

10/5/17 Rachel Rainbolt of C.R.O.W....Wild about Rehabilitation (Speaker)

9/7/17 Eric Russell...Herping in Costa Rica (Speaker) Canceled due to weather (hurricane).

8/3/17 FWC Captive Wildlife Investigator Bob O'Horo...Florida Herp Regulations (captive, collecting, selling) Lecture and Q & A (Speaker)

7/6/17  Show & Tell Meeting (Special Meeting)

6/1/17 Jason Bater...Reptile Rehabilitation (Speaker)

5/4/17 Bill Love...Herping Across Australia (Speaker)

4/6/17 Charles LeBuff...History of the American Crocodile in Southwest Florida (Speaker)

3/2/17 Daniel Parker...Herps and Environmental Surveys(Speaker)

2/2/17 Shane Johnson...Exploring the American West - Part 2 (Speaker)

1/5/17 Curt Harbsmeier...Conservation Heroes, and Prominent Figures in Florida Herpetology (Speaker)

12/1/16 Annual Christmas Party 

11/3/16 Marcus Cantos...18 Months of Progress at the Turtle Source (Speaker)

10/6/16 Shane Johnson...Exploring the America West - Part 2 (Speaker) Canceled due to weather.

9/1/16  Show & Tell Meeting (Special Meeting)

8/4/16 Chip Cochran...Project Pondo (Speaker) 

7/7/16 Jordan Donini...Diamondback Terrapins: Life History and Reproduction with some Notes from the Field and Lab (Speaker) 

6/2/16 Eric Russell...Two weeks of herping in Sri Lanka (Speaker) 

5/5/16 Chris Gillette...Aquatic photography in Florida Natural Environments (Speaker) 

4/7/16 John Herman...Movement Ecology and Natural History of Crotalus adamanteus (eastern diamondback rattlesnake) on Florida Gulf Coast University Campus (Speaker) 

3/3/16 Carl Franklin...Custodian of Eden or Preposterous Pipedream?(Speaker) 

2/4/16 Daniel Parker... The Road and the Forest - The wildlife of a historical natural area in Central Florida and the road that divides it. (Speaker) 

1/7/16 Curt Harbsmeier... Crocodialians and the Law: a Discussion of International, National, State and Local Laws and Regulations Regarding Crocodilians (Speaker) 

12/5/15 Annual Christmas Party 

11/5/15 Charles LeBuff... American Crocodiles in Florida (Speaker) 

10/1/15 Tom Crutchfield and Joe Wasilewski... The San Salvador Rock Iguana Conservation Center (Speaker) 

9/3/15 Frankie Rinehart... Life Cycle of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) (Speaker) 

8/6/15 Show & Tell Meeting (Special Meeting)

7/2/15 Duncan Metts...Getting Your Foot in the Door (Experience and Observation) (Speaker) 

6/4/15 Dr. John Herman and his students... Urban ecology using wildlife cameras: Gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) and Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) burrows. (Speaker) 

5/7/15 Eric Russell...7 Days of Herping in Costa Rica (Speaker) 

4/2/15 Christopher Gillette....Experiences in the Peruvian Amazon (Speaker) 

3/5/15 Curt Harbsmeier....American Crocodiles Face New Challenges in Jamaica: Current Status of Crocodylus acutus in Jamaica.(Speaker) 

2/5/15 Daniel Parker....Herping Experiences in the Florida Scrub, Sandhills, Hammocks, and Streams in Central Florida Sand Ridges  (Speaker) 

1/1/15 Meeting canceled due to the New Year's Day holiday.

12/4/14 Annual Christmas Party 

11/6/14 Bill Love....The Are and Fun of Field Herping  (Speaker) 

10/7/14 Shane Johnson....The Historic and Current Gopher Tortoises Regulations in Florida  (Speaker) 

9/4/14  Chris Lechowicz....SCCF Pine Island Sound Eastern Indigo Snake Project  (Speaker) 

8/1/14  Show & Tell Meeting (Special Meeting)

7/3/14 John Houser....Care, Maintenance, and Breeding of Poison Dart Frogs. (Speaker)

6/5/14 Eric Russell....Herping Australia and the Australian Pet Trade. (Speaker)

5/1/14 George Heinrich....Conserving a Remnant Population of Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus): Land Management Challenges at an Urban Nature Preserve in Central Florida. (Speaker)

4/6/14 John Cassani....Herpetological Community Changes at the CREW Lands from 1995-2010. (Speaker)

3/6/14 Greg Graziani....Evolution of the Reptile Industry (Speaker)

2/6/14 Charles LeBuff & Chris Lechowicz....Amphibians & Reptiles of Sanibel & Captiva Islands: A Natural History (book talk) (Speaker)

1/2/14 Colette Adams....The Orinoco Crocodile Caper- A Story of Tenacity and Teamwork (Speaker)

12/5/13 Show & Tell....The "bi"annual Show & Tell Meeting  (Special Meeting)

11/7/13 Bob King...Keeping big snakes: Boas and Pythons  (Speaker)

10/3/13 Eric Russell...Zoomed Products  (Speaker)

9/5/13 John Kenyan (aka Gator John)...Amazing animal populations around Florida  (Speaker)

8/1/13 Show & Tell....The Annual Show & Tell Meeting  (Special Meeting)

7/4/13 Meeting canceled due to the Fourth of July holiday.

6/6/13 Joel & Stephanie Gales.... Snake Hunting in Spring Green, Wisconsin (Speaker)

5/4/13 Paul Andreadis & Ian Bartoszek...."Interesting immigrant or proliferating problem? Burmese Pythons in Southwest Florida" (Speaker)

4/4/13 Bill Turner....FWC ornate diamondback terrapin research and T.U.B.A. (Terrapin Underwater Breathing Apparatuses) (Speaker)

3/7/13 Stepahanie Cappiello....Burrow Placement and Thermoregulation in Gopher Tortoises in Southwest Florida (Speaker)

2/7/13 Mike Brousil....Herp Trips to Uruguay (Speaker)

1/3/13 Curt Harbsmeier....Failing the Galapagos Tortoise (Speaker)

12/6/12 Daniel Parker....Kingsnakes of Florida (Speaker)

11/1/12 Bill Love....Seeking the "Uber Cool" Herps of Arizona (Speaker)

10/4/12 Movie Night: Plight of Madagascar Tortoises (Movie Night)

9/6/12 Anthony Henenhan....Monitoring Wood (Glyptemys insculpta) and Bog Turtles (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) populations in New Jersey (Speaker)

8/2/12 Amber Howard....Keeping Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) 10/4/12 Movie Night: Plight of Madagascar Tortoises (Movie Night)(Speaker)

7/5/12 Jordan Donini....Nile Crocodiles and other herps of Ghana (Speaker)

6/7/12 Show & Tell....The Annual Show & Tell Meeting  (Special Meeting)

5/3/12 John Herman....Herpetofaunal ecosystems in herpetofaunal communities (Speaker)

4/5/12 Dave Ceiley and Brent Jackson....Radio tracking eastern indigo snakes at Babcock Ranch(Speaker)

3/1/12 Dirk Stevenson....The Orianne Society's Eastern Indigo Snake Project(Speaker)

2/2/12 Chris Lechowicz....Laws, Regulations, and Trends in the Modern Herp World(Speaker)

 1/5/12  Curt Harbsmeier....Philippine Crocodiles: Optimism in 2012 for a Critically Endangered Species (Speaker)

12/01/11Laura Wewerka...Natural History and Conservation of Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus)- (Speaker)

11/03/11Marc Cantos and Chris Lechowicz...Turtle Facts and Show & Tell -  (Special Meeting)

10/10/11 Movie Night...Shane Untamed  "Swamp Beasts"(Movie Night)

9/01/11 Amanda Bryant...Sea Turtles of Southwest Florida - (Speaker)

8/04/11 Bill Love...Our Trek to Arizona and Some Local Critters - (Speaker)

7/02/11 Wayne Hill...Useful Methods in Turtle Breeding - (Speaker)

6/02/11 Eddy Figueroa of Discovery Reptiles...The Importance of Biodiversity - (Speaker)

5/05/11 Art de Lamerens...Zoonoses - Diseases Past from Animal to Humans(Speaker)

4/07/11 Daniel Parker... The Natural History of North American Box Turtles (Speaker)

3/03/11 Bryan Hamilton...Herpetology of the Great Basin - The Biogeography, Natural History and Ecology of its Amphibians and Reptiles (Speaker)

2/03/11 Chris Lechowicz...Natural History and Current Status of Diamondback Terrapins  (Speaker)

1/06/11 Charles LeBuff...Argyle Hendry - America's Crocodile Hunter  (Speaker)

12/02/10 Shane Johnson...Exploring the America West  (Speaker)

11/04/10 Rebecca J. Spear...The Natural History of a Relcoated Gopher Tortoise Population at the Naples Preserve (Speaker)

10/07/10 Movie Night...  (Movie Night)

9/02/10 Mike Rochford... Radio-tracking and Updates of Burmese Pythons in Everglades National Park 

8/05/10 Ivan Alfonso DVM... A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian (Speaker)

7/01/10 Don Kaye... Venomous Snake Display(Speaker)

6/03/10 Bill Love... Madagascar: Splendid Isolation(Speaker)

5/06/10 Paul Freed... Herp Expeditions to Sri Lanka (Speaker)

4/01/10 Jessie Rothacker... Running a Reptile Rescue and Educational Organization(Speaker)

3/04/10 Bill Murray and Melissa Coakley... Herps of the Western U.S. (Speaker)

2/04/10 Christopher Gillette... Herping in Amazonian Peru (Speaker)

1/07/10 Bill Love... The Stories Behind the Shots (Speaker)

12/03/09 Joe Wasilewski... Crocodilians of the World (Speaker)

11/05/09 Chris Lechowicz... Care and Maintenance of Aquatic Turtles (Speaker)

10/01/09 Movie Night ... Herpers (Movie Night)

9/03/09 Paul Allen ... Snakes of Florida (Speaker)

8/06/09 Bill Love ... Herping in Australia (Speaker)

7/02/09 Mark Witwer ... How Snakes Eat   (Speaker)

6/04/09 Alicia Dixon ... Frog Monitoring as a Biological Indicator in the Picayune Strand   (Speaker)

5/07/09 Daniel Parker ... Indigo Snakes   (Speaker)

4/02/09 Dr. Kenney Krysko ... Nonindigenous Herps of Florida - Don't Buy them, go catch them!   (Speaker)

3/05/09 Kathy Love ... The Rise of Corn Snakes as Pets   (Speaker)

2/05/09 Naples Zoo Meeting... Serpents, Fangs and Fiction  (Special Event)

1/01/09 Movie Night... ReptileMania  (Movie Night)

12/04/08 Bill Love... Herp Quiz   (Speaker)

11/06/08 Chris Anderson... Chameleons   (Speaker)

10/02/08 Shane Johnson... Herping in the Great Basin and Beyond   (Speaker)

  9/04/08 Show & Tell Meeting  (Special Meeting)

  8/07/08 Ty Park...Confessions of a Reptile Addict (Speaker)

  7/03/08 Jim Kavney... Fieldherping in Costa Rica (Speaker)

  6/03/08 Eric Russell... Herping in Australia (Speaker)

  5/01/08 Bill Murray... The Redfoot Ranch (Speaker)

  4/03/08 Shawn Heflick... Peruvian Ecotours (Speaker)

  3/06/08 Wayne Hill... South African Frogs (Speaker)

  2/07/08 Bert Langerwerf... Lifelong Efforts to Breed Lizards (Speaker)

  1/03/08 Don Wheeler... In Pursuit of Rattlesnakes (Speaker)

12/06/07 Bill Love...Herp Adventures in Northern Madagascar, Mauritius and Round Islands (Speaker)

11/01/07 Jim Peters...Herping on the Island of Aruba (Speaker)

10/04/07 Daniel Parker...Rat Snakes of the Elaphe obsoleta/bairdi Complex(Speaker)

9/06/07  Dr. Phil Allman...Adventures in Ghana, Africa and Diamondback Terrapin Research (Speaker)

8/02/07  Bill Love...Herp Photography (Speaker)

7/05/07  Dante Fenolio...Herp Experiences around the World (Speaker)

6/07/07   Rob Nimmo...Heloderms: Natural History and Care (Speaker)

5/03/07   Greg Graziani...Ball Python Morphs (Speaker)

4/05/07   Dr. Logan Randolph...Herps of the Bahamas (Speaker)

3/01/07   Steve Mickletz...Herp Sampling at Cusuco National Park in Honduras (Speaker)

2/01/07   Wayne Hill...Perils of the Bog Turtle (Speaker)

1/04/07   Daniel Parker...Herping in Texas (Speaker)

12/07/06 Todd Quinn...Educating the Public about Herps at the Imaginarium (Speaker)

11/02/06 Mike Knight...The Luminous Lizard of Trinidad (Speaker)

10/05/06 Chris Lechowicz...The Madagascar Tortoise Tour 2006 (Speaker)

9/07/06  Rick Lavoy...Sand Skinks at Archbold Biological Station (Speaker)

8/03/06  Mike Hammond...Drift Fence Sampling at Bobcock-Webb (Speaker)

7/06/06   Animal & Photo Contest  (Pet Contest)

6/01/06   Dr. Jerry Jackson... Black Spiny-tailed  Iguanas of Gasparilla Island (Speaker)

5/04/06   David Justice... Hogs, Kings and Pigmies (Speaker)

4/06/06   Andrew Hoffman... Hoosier Herping (Speaker)

3/02/06   Jason Hann...Natural Hisory and Care of Spiny-tailed Monitors (Speaker)

2/02/06   Chris Lechowicz...Herps of Sanibel  (Speaker)

1/05/06   Glenn Novotny...Keeping and Breeding Poison Dart Frogs (Speaker)

12/01/05 Movie Night....ReptileMania (Movie Night)

11/03/05 Wayne Hill...Keeping and Breeding Aquatic Turtles in Florida (Speaker)

10/06/05 Shane Johnson...Natural History of Ambystomatid Salamanders (Speaker)

9/01/05   Rob Fierek...Care and Breeding of Bearded Dragons (Speaker)

8/04/05   Daniel Parker...Herping across the USA (Speaker)

7/07/05   Animal & Photo Contest  (Pet Contest)

6/02/05   John Rossi... Outdoor Snake Enclosures (Speaker)

5/05/05   Chris Lechowicz... Graptemys Map Turtles (Speaker)

4/07/05   Rob Macinnes... Atheris Vipers (Speaker)

3/03/05   Kevin Enge... Exotic Herps in Florida (Speaker)

2/04/05   Bob Ashley...  Herping in Arizona (Speaker)

1/06/05   Laura Wewerka..  The Gopher Tortoise Council  (Speaker)

12/11/04   2004 Christmas Party at Pattie Haryn's Sister's House  ( Party)

11/04/04   Ron Humbert..  The Box Turtles of North America (Speaker)

10/07/04   John Constantinou..  Maintaining Amphibians (Speaker)

09/02/04   Amanda Ostaszewski...  Natural History and Ecology of Gopher Tortoises (Speaker)

08/05/04   Pat Loll...  Wildlife Rehabilitation of Herps & Birds (Speaker)

07/01/04   Steve Connors...  Breeding of Komodo Dragons (Speaker)

06/03/04   Kathy Love...  The Art of Breeding Corn Snakes (Speaker)

05/06/04   Joe Wasilewski...Conservation of Cyclura in the Caribbean (Speaker)

04/01/04   Ray Ashton...Gopher Tortoises Assurance Colonies (Speaker)

03/04/04   Skip Kruse...The Northern Arizona Milk Snake  (Speaker)

02/05/04   Movie Night...  "Frogs" (1972) (Movie Night)

01/08/04   Bill Love...Herping in Baja California  (Speaker)

12/13/03   Christmas Party & Auction at Bill & Kathy Love's home, Alva ( Party)

11/06/03   Pet Herp Contest.  Members competed for prizes with 'best' pets in various categories (Pet Contest)

10/02/03   Lindsay Pike    Uromastyx lizards (Speaker)

09/04/03   Richard D. "Dick" Bartlett    Herping in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. (3-screen slide show!) (Speaker)

08/07/03   Gino Sassani    Colubrid egg hatching techniques (Speaker)

07/03/03   Kevin Enge   Herping Down Under in the Land of Oz (Australia) (Speaker)

06/05/03   Chris & Nicole Lechowicz    Herping in Southern Illinois (Speaker)

05/01/03  "Show & Tell"  Members brought in their pets to show & discuss (Show & Tell)

04/03/03   Brian Mealey    Diamondback Terrapins (and other herps) of Florida Bay (Speaker)

03/06/03   Julian C. Lee    Herpetology of the Yucatan Peninsula (Speaker)

02/06/03   Jim O'Reilly    Caecilians (Speaker)

01/02/03    Pattie Haryn    Into Frogs (Speaker)

12/15/02    Christmas Party & Herp Fest Auction at Bill & Kathy Love's home, Alva ( Party)

11/07/02    Skip Kruse    Boas of the U.S.A. (Rosy & Rubber Boas) (Speaker)

10/03/02    Carl Fuhri    Captive Breeding & Research of Caribbean Iguanas (Speaker)

09/05/02    Kent Vliet   Continuing Research on American Alligators (Speaker)

08/01/02    Drs. Ruedi & Kordon / Common Veterinary Problems Seen in Pet Herps (Speaker)

07/14/02    Field Trip to Billie's Everglades / Seminole Swamp Safari (Field Trip)

06/06/02    Rob MacInnes   Iguana Species of the World (Speaker)

05/02/02    Pat Loll   Endangered Herps and Other Wildlife of Florida (Speaker)

04/04/02    Ray Ashton   New Gopher Tortoise Biology / Keeping Tortoises (Speaker)

03/07/02    Bill Love   Recent Herping in the Wilds of Madagascar (Speaker)

02/07/02    Paul Freed   Herp Explorations Across Paraguay (Speaker)

01/03/02    Bert Langerwerf   Large Scale Breeding of Lizards (Speaker)

12/16/01    Christmas Party at Buckingham Community Park, East Ft. Myers ( Party)

12/06/01    Joe Hiduke   The Diversity of Leopard Geckos (Speaker)

11/01/01    Louis Porras   Island Boa Constrictors / Rattlesnakes of the SW (Speaker)

10/04/01    Bill Love   Capturing the Best Herp Images with your Camera (Speaker)

09/06/01    Tom Crutchfield   A Stroll Down Herping's Memory Lane (Speaker)

08/02/01    Ernie Jillson & Al Cruz   The Miami-Dade Antivenin Bank (Speaker)

07/05/01    R. D. ‘Dick' Bartlett   Amazonian Peru Revisited Herpetologically (Speaker)

06/07/01    Paul Moler   Thirty Florida Anurans (Speaker)

05/06/01    Field Trip to Miami Serpentarium Labs, Punta Gorda (Field Trip)

05/03/01    Todd Gearheart   Introduction to the Arachnid-Keeping Hobby (Speaker)

04/05/01    John Tashjian   Photo Tour - Vipers of the World (Speaker)

03/01/01    Marc Cantos   Herpetoculture of Aquatic Turtles (Speaker)

02/01/01    Greg Longhurst   Venomous Snakes of South Florida (Speaker)

01/04/01    Richard Cary Paull   Keeping and Breeding Tortoises (Speaker)

12/10/00    Christmas Party at Bill & Kathy Love's home, Alva ( Party)

11/11/00    2nd Annual Feathers & Scales Expo, Ft. Myers (Expo)

11/02/00    Greg Graziani   Ball Pythons – Breeding & Morphs (Speaker)

10/05/00    Doug Beckwith   Herping the Chihuahuan Desert of Western Texas (Speaker)

09/07/00    Bill Love   Herping Down Under (Australia) (Speaker)

08/03/00    Peter Pritchard   Land Tortoises of the African Continent (Speaker)

07/06/00    Dave Ryan   Keeping Neotropical Poison Dart Frogs (Speaker)

06/01/00    Becky Spears   Care & Breeding of Indonesian Mangrove Monitors (Speaker)

05/04/00    John Decker   Secretive Herps of the Florida Keys (Speaker)

04/06/00    Rob Nimmo   Chuckwalla Keeping & Breeding (Speaker)

03/04/00    Field Trip to Gatorama, Palmdale, Florida (Field Trip)

03/02/00    Becky Spears   Solomon Island Prehensile-tailed Skinks (Speaker)

02/03/00    R. D. ‘Dick' Bartlett   Herpetofauna of the Appalachian Mountains (Speaker)

01/06/00    George Ullman   Keeping and Breeding Testudo Tortoises (Speaker)

12/12/99    Christmas Party at the Calusa Nature Center, Ft. Myers ( Party)

11/20/99    1st Annual Feathers & Scales Expo, Ft. Myers (Expo)

11/04/99    Wayne Hill Keeping and Breeding Aquatic Turtles (Speaker)

10/07/99    Scott Cushnir   Herping in the Western U.S. (Speaker)

09/02/99    Rob MacInnes   Searching for Herps in Tanzania (Speaker)

08/05/99    Dal Curtis   Captive Care of Rainforest Frogs (Speaker)

07/01/99    Gary Nelson DVM   Veterinary Care of Reptiles and Amphibians (Speaker)

06/03/99    Bill Griswold   Hognose Snakes of the World (Speaker)

05/06/99    Chris Clark   Captive Breeding of Reptiles in South Florida (Speaker)

04/01/99 Jim Kavney   Herpetofauna of Costa Rica (Speaker)

03/04/99    Bill Love   Herp-Oriented Travels Across Madagascar (Speaker)

02/04/99    Rob MacInnes   Florida's Rare and Endangered Herps (Speaker)

01/07/99    Lt. Wayne Maahs   Rules & Regs for Keeping & Collecting Herps (Speaker)

12/06/98   Christmas Party at E. Pellicer's home, Ft. Myers ( Party)

12/03/98    Dave Powell   All About Veiled Chameleons (Speaker)

11/05/98    Tim Thomas   Australian Bearded Dragons (Speaker)

10/01/98    Greg Longhurst   The Four Venomous Snakes of South Florida (Speaker)

09/03/98    Carl Fuhri   Green Iguanas in Captivity (Speaker)

08/06/98    Kathy Love   Colors and Patterns of Today's Corn Snakes (Speaker)

07/02/98    R. D. ‘Dick' Bartlett   Herpetological Treasures of Costa Rica (Speaker)

06/04/98    Rob MacInnes   Keeping and Breeding Geckos (Speaker)

05/07/98    Todd Gearheart   Arachnophobic No More (Speaker)

04/02/98    Joe Wasilewski   Herps of Florida Bay in the 1990s (Speaker)

03/05/98    Rob MacInnes   Reptiles & Amphibians of the Peruvian Amazon (Speaker)

02/05/98    John Tashjian   Dinosaurs and Callisaurs (Speaker)

01/14/98    Carl Fuhri    Cyclura rileyi cristata (Speaker)

12/ 17/97   Bill Love   Herping in Madagascar (Speaker)

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